Focus on #1 《Why do things get in a muddle?》

2018. 10. 05 – 10. 21

Focus on #1 GARY HILL
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은 토탈미술관에서 새롭게 기획한 작가들을 집중적으로 살펴보는 기획프로그램입니다. 첫 번째 작가로 게리 힐을 초청하여 70년대부터 현재에 이르는 다양한 작업들을 한자리에서 볼 수 있는 자리를 마련하였습니다. 

Gary Hill


상영작 목록:

1.Why Do Things Get in a Muddle? (Come on Petunia)
Video (color, stereo sound) 32:00 min.,1984
2.Incidence of Catastrophe
Video (color, stereo sound), 43:51 min., 1987-88
Video (black-and-white, stereo sound), 2:00 min.,1978
4.Picture Story
Video (color, sound), 7:00 min.1979
5.Around & About
Video (color, sound) 4:45 min., 1980
6.Site Recite (a prologue)
Video (color, stereo sound), 4:00 min.
7. Air Raid
Video (black-and-white, sound) 6:00 min, 1974
Video (color, silent), 2:40 min., 1975
Video (color, sound), 4:25 min.,1977
Video (color, silent), 2:59 min.,1977
Video (black-and-white; stereo sound),7:00 min.,1980
12.Blind Spot
Video (color, sound), 12:27 min.,2003
Video (color, sound), 0:40 min., 1980
14.Electronic Linguistics
Video (black-and-white, sound),3:45 min., 1977
15.Equal Time
Video (color, stereo sound), 4:00 min., 1979
16.Figuring Grounds
Video (color, stereo sound), 7:19 min., 1985/2008
17.Full Circle
Video (color, sound), 3:25 min., 1978


TMCA FOCUS is a new program of Total museum that focus on Artists, whose works based on moving images. We invite Gray Hill as the first artist to show a wide range of his works from 70s to the present.  

Gary Hill

Nathalie Boseul Shin

Screening List:

18.Happenstance (part one of many parts)
Video (black-and-white, stereo sound),6:30 min., 1982-83
19.Mediations (towards a remake of Soundings)
Video (color, stereo sound),4:17 min.,1979/1986
Video (color, sound), 1:40 min., 1976
21.Mirror Road
Video (color, sound), 1:00 min., 1976
22.Mouth Piece
Video (color, sound), 1:00 min., 1979
23.Objects with Destinations
Video (color, silent), 3:40 min.,1979
Video (color, stereo sound), 1:40 min., 1978
25.Primarily Speaking
Video (color, stereo sound), 18;40 min
26. Processual Video
Video (black-and-white, sound), 11:30 min., 1980
27. Resolution
Video (black-and-white, silent), 1:30 min., 1979
28. Solstice d’Hiver
Video (black-and-white, silent), 60:00 min.,1990
29. Soundings
Video (color, sound), 18:03 min.,1979
30. Sums & Differences
Video (black-and-white, stereo sound), 8:00 min., 1978
31. Tale Enclosure
Video (color, stereo sound), 5:30 min., 1985
32. URA ARU (the backside exists)
Video (color, sound), 28:00 min., 1985-86
33. Videograms
Video (black-and-white, sound), 13:25 min.,1980-
34. Windows
Video (black-and-white and color, silent), 8:00 min., 1978