The Show Must Go On x IAP

Beyond the exhibition space, “The show must go on”

(TSMGO) started in July 2012 with Korean artists. It is planned as a reaction of international biennale fever. There are so many biennales than we imagine, but only a few artists from Korea are invited. Until now, only the occasional group exhibitions of Korean Contemporary Art offered a chance for Korean artists to present themselves abroad. These national group exhibitions provide a helpful first step for the artists, as in the case of Chinese and Japanese artists. Such group exhibitions, however, seldom manage to show the full depth of an artist’s work. It is therefore difficult to present an artist where his presence is limited to one or two pieces of work. Even though there are many interesting themes in biennale from great curators, most artists have no chance to think about it or be involved in this interesting discourse. It is not many different from curators. So, we would like to make our own field.

The initial plan of this project also focused on promoting Korean contemporary artists abroad in 2012. We made a strategy to organize talks and workshops instead of exhibitions. It is because artists’ ‘works’(and often not the artists themselves)are invited to many international exhibitions. But artists hardly have a chance to go abroad and talk about what they are thinking with foreign audience. For those reasons, we organized artists’ talk program in London, Kota Kinabalu, Seoul in 2012, and the project called ‘traveling portfolio suitcase’.

The short history of TSMGO
2012 London, UK
2013 Singapore
2013 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
2013 Venice, Italy
2014 Seoul, S. Korea (exhibition version)
2014 Paris, France
2015 L.A., USA
2018 Warsaw, Poland (exhibition version)

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TSMGO2020 x IAP (Incheon Art Platform)
The project, TSMGO2020 was initiated in collaboration with the Incheon Art Platform. Due to COVID19, cultural and artistic institutions were closed, and even borders were closed. Large biennales were postponed or canceled. It was time to ask if the format of past international exchange was still valid or not. The 14 resident artists of the Incheon Art Platform included their works into the separate portfolio suitcases with the artists’ notes. After the overseas curators receive the suitcases, they will keep the suitcases for a month and will review the work while writing comments about art works and taking photos of how each portfolio suitcase gets displayed in the unique places. 1 month later, the curators will resend the portfolio bags to Korea with their comments and display photos enclosed.

TSMGO Process
1) 14 artists from IAP will participate in TSMGO2020
2) we invited 7 curators from abroad.
3) we transport suitcases to curators. Each curator has 2 suitcases.
4) curators keep suitcases where s/he would like to keep for one month.
it does not have to be installed or open to the public, make exhibition.
s/he can have them in the house, or the office any place where s/he wants to have.
the curator sent a photo of suitcases in her/his places.
5) after one month, s/he returns them to us. (using our DHL account) with short comments on work.

TSMGO x IAP Credit
Program Director
: Nathalie Boseul Shin
IAP curator : Young-ri  Lee
Coodinator : Sujin Han
Assist : Yedam Koo
Interview : Jaewoo Oh
Photography : Ginhun Noh
Website Design : Eugene Kim (bpm122)
Organizer : Incheon Art Platform, Total Museum
Host : Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture
Artist : Kyoungjae Cho, Sooryeon Choe, Bangjoo Kim, Inyoung Kim, Minjung Kim, HAna Kim, Hyeyeon Kim, Byungsu Lee, Nosik Lim, Ye-eun Min, Earl Park, Jihye Park, Jiwon Yang, Jiyoung Yoon
Curator : Amano Taro, Anna Harding, Barbara Cuetro, Haily Grenet, Jia-Zhen Tsai, Melanie Su zhen Pocock, Shazeb Shaikh
thanks to: Doyoung Kim, JeongWoo Lee, Chan Wi